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    Orlando, United States

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    Sonu Chouhan

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    8 months ago

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  • Standard Job Description*

Administrates and maintains the documentation and provides parts of it upon request.* Ensures correct versioning and revisioning by suitable methods.* Assigns and manages document numbers.* Manages, distributes and documents feedback, responses and incoming documents (from suppliers, installation site, customers or other third parties).* May check documents on formal aspects.* May record and if required track the mailing and distribution of the documentation. In general: Thinking is associated with the analysis of situations and interpretation of procedures to resolve problems within established frameworks. Performs "trouble-shooting", when issues are different in nature and complexity, and needs some deeper understanding of underlying principles. Position at these level provide support to less experienced operations staff on a regular base, in administrative or technological environment, and both internally and externally to customers. "Master Technician / Administrator": Vocationally trained positions that need high degree of practical experience and theoretical understanding to perform complex tasks in the related field of work. Work performed is issue-driven rather than determined by routined processes. In technical areas, incumbent deliver specialized services in isolated and exposed situation as stand-alone individual contributor (i.e. as Service Technician on customers building site, etc.) - or similar complex situations.For administrative operations, most of the situations in this level will be covered by the description displayed in the Leveling Core Chart - Professional (-? see there). 7 -10 years knowledge in basic theory and practise is minimum Both advanced practical and theoretical understanding and some significant advanced vocational experience is required to oversee and manage the diverse and relatively complex tasks in the related field of work.

  • Specific Description For This Posting*

The objective of this work is to deliver design reports in MS- Word format to a third-party contractor for final formatting and production. The contract specifies reports are to be delivered in the English language. 1.1 Approach and Deliverables:

Most of the report documentation already exists or is in the process of being created. The technical contributors are engineers who are non-native English speakers, primarily German. The recipients will be Chinese engineers, also non-native English speakers.

Siemens will provide: 1. Copies of existing reports or newly created technical narratives in either MS-Word or PDF formats, along with necessary titles, figures, diagrams and charts. 2. A predefined template structure for the reports including major headings, report titles, and format 3. Access to technical authors contributing to the reports

Employee will provide: 1. Editing and basic formatting of documents to include:

  • Removal of any slang or unclear phrasing
  • Grammatically correct sentence structures
  • Report style per A Manual for Writers by Kate L. Turabian or Writing and Researching Term Papers and Reports by Eugene Ehrlich and Daniel Murphy or equivalent
  • Consultation with authors on sections which are unclear to prevent changing the technical intent of the narrative

  • Figures located in correct sections with titles

  • New technical words added to common nomenclature list
  • Cross-references to other design reports if applicable
  • Edits based on review action items
  • Organized archive of earlier versions of each report as well as the final delivered version
  • Coordination with third-party contractor on final production

A limited number of reports will be needed starting in March. One worker is required at that time. Most of the reports will be produced during the summer months. Two additional workers are required starting in June. All reports are required to be completed by the end of August 2020.